Seth Cohen is my god! <3

I love Adam brody ❤ .. His fantastic, Adam Brody is soo cute, and with that charme he has as Seth Cohen in the serie OC he is irresistible. I will give birth to his children! I looove him! ❤


Design Forum

This sunday I went to this big event in copenhagen. Forum had this big design thing, where all the designers came and sold there clothes cheap. I simply loved it. I cut spend the hole day there, but unfortunately it closed at four. My friend and I bought a lot of things. I used about 300 DKK on a bag from samsø samsø, a shirt from minimum, nightsocks from Femilet and a cute little body-stocking from Blond accessories! I left with a smile on and couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day. The best sunday ever!

“Den Franske café (The french cafe)”

I love to sitting right next to the lake with a cop of chai or coffee on  Den franske café (the french cafe) in copenhagen

Udsigt fra den franske


This serie is not just a serie! Then I turn on the television it’s just like going to a different world. A world were it’s just me and my friends on park cafe. Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox makes it so good in that serie!

Now I can keep warm

I bought this beautiful thing few days ago.

I will say, it’s one of those things that get’s more pretty then you wear it. It’s form H&M and cost nothing!

This pretty thing will help me to keep warm in the cold and dark winter ❤

holes in the clothe

This mode with holes in the clothe can be really cool, if you use it in a good way..

First of all you sould never wear more than one thing with holes in!

Second of all dont make a big hole right on the knee on you favorit jeans!

And third and last of all don’t overdo it!

This shirt is nice. I love the way the holes are made and I love that they are placed a little bit more discreet place, namely on the back. the grey colour is nice and basic.

I like!

wedges, oh wedges

I love wedges. In my head it’s just “wedges, wedges, wedgess” .. AND I DON’T HAVE ANY WEDGES! But I can still look at them. And dream about them. Here I will show you some nice, beautiful, cool, stylish, fantastic, lovely wedges!